Interview answers first published in 2020 in Legend Magazine & Founders Magazine

How The Company Came To Be


I’ve always wanted to have my own company, and I have had several ideas for great goals of the company overtime. I decided to start with one idea, and then expand. Since I’ve been writing poetry since I was 15 years old, and it always means so much to me to see how the poetry impacts others, I decided to share that poetry with the entire world. Folks have always encouraged me to publish my poetry, so that many more can benefit from it, and I finally decided to do just that. Having trademarked the brand DR. BROWN CARES, and having registered the company DR. BROWN CARES LLC years ago, I decided it was time to establish the publishing portion of the company. As a result, I published my own poetry on Amazon via my independent publishing company, as part of DR. BROWN CARES LLC. A few of the books are currently available on Amazon, and several more are in store for release throughout 2020 and 2021, and beyond. Some books are available for preorder, and some are already released and readily available. In addition to publishing poetry, the company also sells merchandise and swag displaying the poetry, as reminders of the sentiments from the poetry. There’s something for everyone— healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, family members, friends, coworkers, and loved ones. An online gallery is also included, to display multimedia work related to the poetry. An online creative expression arts community (CEAC) is also a part off the package. In the future, the company will also include consulting and staffing for publications and research in science, medicine, and medical humanities. There will be partner companies that I will establish as well, having started with this one, my namesake. The company bears my personal and professional brand that is consistent across the Internet and offline in all that I do. Having decided at 13 years old that I would become a physician and having started to write at 15 years old have coalesced into what you see today — a physician entrepreneur and poet inspiring generations to come.


Hopes & Challenges

Becoming a physician is one of the most challenging career paths in existence. Yet, it is also one of the most fulfilling. We cannot take lightly the opportunity we have to hold the trust and outcome of another person’s life in our confidence and stewardship. It is our role as physicians to care for others, and to walk alongside them on their life and health journey. When that journey comes to an end, it is our honor to help ensure dignity and quality till the very last moment. Every journey has turns, crossroads, and rocky paths. We all balance work, learning, family, responsibilities, our own health, our own relationships, our own fears, and our own faith. In the end, we combine all of these into who we are, and we partner with others for the best outcome.

Company Specialties & Sections

DR. BROWN CARES LLC has a number of “Doing Business As” or components of the company. Lyrical Mezzanine - offers the poetry, online gallery, creative artist community, and swag store. Locum Scientia - will offer primarily staffing to institutions and groups as well as individuals for publications and research related to science, medicine, and medical humanities. Locum Consule - will offer predominantly consultation for publications and research related to social media, medical humanities, science, and medicine. DR. BROWN CARES LLC is also known for inspiration, health, wellness, fitness, self-care, coaching, and speaking engagements.  

Proudest Moments

There are so many proud moments, from connecting deeply with patients and their families, to helping junior colleagues see that they are not alone, to departing insight to senior colleagues, to realizing new insight about our own selves. Every single one of us is on this earth to make a difference and impact the world. Of every moment in which we have an impact, we should be proud. Yet, we should remain humble, knowing that every single gift, talent, skill, or natural ability comes from our Creator, who placed us all in community with one another, to emulate what it really means to be made in God’s image, to love one other, and sacrifice for each other. That epitomizes the altruistic commitment of a physician, which can be captured in stunning poetry. God is a physician and poet, and I am privileged to be an ambassador of the same.

Pricing Information

Books are available at

 The Kindle digital books are generally priced at $5.99, with a few exceptions at $7.99. 

The paperback books are generally priced at $12.99,
with a few exceptions at higher prices for multi-volume additions. 

The swag accompanying the poetry is all varied in price and available at