by Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown


Dr. Brown uses CRIMPLE FAD to describe her weight loss story, her barriers to weight loss, and what she does about those barriers. 


How did you do it? Tell me your secret. How did you lose weight? How do you maintain it?

“When I fall, I pick myself up, brush myself off, and no matter how long it takes or how hard it may be, I get back on the wagon. I am sculpting my body, and sculpting the future of my health. Think of an anatomy cadaver in reverse. I think anything works if it's low calorie and you stick to it for some period of time. Calories in minus calories out equals negative. After asking myself the following questions, I came up with a strategy: CRIMPLE (What I did) + FAD (How I was able to do it) = winner! What is my motivation? Why am I doing this? How do I do this? When do I do this? With whom will I do this? The kind of motivation I am talking about is not fleeting. The kind of motivation I am talking about is not conditional. The motivation is profound and deep-seated, and cannot be uprooted. You can use iron sharpens iron with friends also improving their personal fitness. Everyone has to find a diet and exercise plan that works for them at that time; it is ok to switch things up. Continuously reaffirm your vision and celebrate achieving your goals. Don't have weakness foods at home. Trust God. Keep on going. Eat less, lose weight, and exercise sometimes.”

Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown

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