Social Media FAQs

Young Businesswomen

Q: How do I overcome my fear of the permanency of social media?

A: Start small and start slowly. It will become natural overtime.

Q: How can I decipher whether or not another account is legitimate?

A: Professional, legitimate accounts generally will have the institutions, practice, and fields clearly indicated. Fake accounts typically will not go through all of that effort. Legit accounts will also make useful comments and will not spam your private inbox.


Q: Will social media take too much time away from face to face interactions?

A: Social media gives you a global professional community that is not possible to have in person. It depends on the goals of your practice and professional brand, but overall, it should help you to grow your interactions, both publicly and privately.


Q: What is a Twitter takeover?

A: A Twitter takeover is an individual taking over another account for a day or more, while the account gives the individual credit. It helps people learn more about your professional voice as well as your practice more broadly.


Q: To find someone on Twitter, do I look up their actual name? Will they know I read their post, or do I just count as a number?

A: You can try Googling their name followed by the word Twitter. They will not know that you specifically viewed a tweet, unless you like or retweet it.

Q: Is it appropriate to accept a patient's friend request?

A: If the patient is not your friend offline, it can get tricky with patient's sending private messages. Perhaps they may follow you on Twitter, but you may try to avoid being their friend on Facebook, as most professionals use Facebook more for personal lives and Twitter more for professional lives. Every scenario is different.

Q: Should I have a personal and professional account?

A: You could have either one for the practice, or one for you, or both, and in each you can cross-tag/mention and retweet the other. Or you could have one and talk about both you as a professional and your practice from the same account.