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Prayer Poems

by Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown

A Blue And White Collar Prayer

Dear God, thank you so much for your love, your mercy, and your grace. 

We pray that you will give us your eyes. Help us to see each person around us the way you see them. Please give us insight into why people do the things they do, and why we respond the way that we do. 

We pray that you will give us your ears. Help us to hear the cry of those hurting and in need, among those we live with, among those we work with, and among those we don't even know. 

We pray that you will give us your hands. Teach us to reach out to others, and to do work with our hands that will help others in some way one day. 

We pray that you will give us your feet. Send us where you would like us to go. Let us walk in your footsteps, in the care of others. 

We pray that you will give us your words. Give us words that help us express ourselves in a way that's true, complete, effective, and useful to each other and what we need. 

We pray that you will give us your wisdom. Help us to reappraise every situation, to see under the hood in each moment, and understand how we can improve the situation, and bless others. 

We thank you for all of these things. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. 


Guess who liked my prayer?

Spirit of the Heart Invocation 

Precious Lord,
Take our hand. Lead us on. 

As we celebrate tonight the spirit of the heart,
We ask that you give us the Spirit of Your heart.
We ask that You permeate the spirit of our hearts,
So that we are well-equipped to care for the spirit of our patients' hearts.

Remind us of Your love, grace, and mercy
That determine why we love and show grace and mercy.
Teach us to love the way that You do. 

Where there are needs and suffering,
Let us bring Your hope and healing, 
And show that we care. 

Above all, 
You suffered and died, 
So that we might live. 
This gives us hope 
That heals. 

You are our greatest award. 
Yet, not actually an award,
Because you have loved us consistently 
Before we ever loved you,
And before we ever come to know you. 
You take the pain, guilt, and shame
From our hearts,
From our patients' hearts,
And from our colleagues' hearts. 
When we turn to you. 
Amidst all of our awards,
Life with you we cannot earn. 
You, and a personal relationship with you,
Are our greatest gift. 

Teach us to be like You.
Let our patients see in us
What we see in You.

Give us new innovations in patient care and education,
And new frontiers in research,
So that we can continue to improve and influence the health of this nation. 

Give us the strength to be doctors, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, artists, singers, poets, comedians, and more. Let our Renaissance impact our patients and our colleagues, as they get a glimpse of our humanity, our gifts, and our talents. In medicine, and in life. Help us to use all of these gifts, not for our own glory, but for Yours. 

Thank you for blessing this entire evening, all that is thought, said, and done. Bless all of our meals to our bodies, and our bodies, spirits, conversations, and souls to your service. 

Together, we pray all of these things in Jesus' name. Amen


Members Invocation

As this evening we gather together 
We are in awe of your incredible mercy 
We truly are unworthy 
Of your unfailing love
And grace

Our world is broken
With so much hate
And grief
Which breaks our hearts 
And we know it breaks your heart
Just as your heart was broken
When your Son
Was broken
On the cross 
For us
So much hate
Was channeled toward Him
And you experienced so much grief
Thank you for understanding
Our sense of suffering and pain
With the injustices and hurtful ways
Of our world 

Teach us to be like you
Help us to love like you
Guide our reconciliation
In the midst of 
Those who divide us
Bring us to forgiveness
The way you forgive us
When we pour out
Our hearts to you. 

Let us walk arm in arm
With our colleagues
Let us care side by side 
For our patients 

Just as we are all members of your one body
Let us be one in membership tonight
As we eat together
Bless this meal to our bodies and 
Bless our bodies to your holy service and glory 

In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

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