HOW To Say Yes

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The article below provides such a phenomenal story/report/profile of a fantastic, intelligent, brilliant, and beautiful woman who went to my high school in Jamaica and is a leader at Goldman Sachs in New York. I love the entire thing, but my favorite part is below. It is my favorite part, because it something for which I am learning to advocate now. I don't know that I would endorse always saying yes. There's only so much of me to go around, and quality-of-life and time spent with family and friends are so important. Time spent with the Lord and on oneself are even more important. So I would not advocate saying yes to every new project if the new project depends on us alone. However, I could see advocating saying yes to every new project if our contribution to the project varies, according to our availability and quality of life at the time. Let me know your thoughts.

"In a similar vein, Kerone recommends that women never worry alone. She believes that it is important to leverage the collective ideas and history of the organization to ensure success. When she’s asked to take on a difficult new project, she will always say “yes,” but now realizes the importance of soliciting advice upfront to tease out pitfalls and key enablers and to collect diverse points of view to shape the solution. “Earlier in my career, I kept my head down and worked extremely long hours – in retrospect, I wish that I had harnessed the power of the broader group or advocated for more resources.”"

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