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This supplement accompanies the article

"Poetic Science: Bidirectional Reflection in Science and Medicine"

in press at The Permanente Journal

Dr. Brown Cares presents


Poetic Science in Social Media

In July 2015, Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown was interviewed on Mayo Clinic Radio about Poetic Science in Ataxia (a medical condition which affects movement of various parts of the body). Two poems (“How will I dance?” and “Just one more step”) were recited and commented on during the radio show, which was broadcasted on Facebook Live. Viewers from around the world wrote mini-testimonials on the Facebook Live feed. By March 8, 2018, there were 7,600 views (by individuals on Facebook), 69 shares (i.e., 69 viewers shared the link with their followers on Facebook), and 45 comments. In these comments (e.g., see photograph that follows), viewers expressed their appreciation of the poetry, as well resonance with the content relative to their experiences living with loved ones who have been diagnosed with ataxia.


Dr. Brown Cares presents


Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown in Social Media



Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown

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