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This supplement accompanies the article

"Poetic Science: Bidirectional Reflection in Science and Medicine"

in press at The Permanente Journal


“A few years ago my sister gave me a poem about ataxia that made everyone cry for Christmas.  It was the perfect gift. I’m not going to put that poem here but I will tell you the name and who it is by.  It is so good you should look it up.  It is called HOW WILL I DANCE BY SHERRY-ANN BROWN.  

I love it and because I had just found out I had Ataxia that year it was perfect.  Anyways the next year I decided I was going to write my granny Anna a poem.  It took a lot and my kids helped. I liked it and when she read it she cried.”

~ April Sherbourne (nee Adams), "Poems number 1," Life is Hard (blog). 11:36 am, April 24, 2013.

“How will I dance…focuses on overcoming an impediment mentally even when the physical may fail.”

~ Practicing Physician in Cardiology

“So profound…on a personal level, I connected more with Just One More Step…excellent work.”

~ Dr. Nene Uguoke, Clinical Fellow Physician in Cardiovascular Diseases


“This is great! Very well written, thoughtful, creative and insightful! It is definitely thought provoking and [causes] you to think in different terms [than] what I might have done so far…definitely touching lives!”

~ Dr. Kannan Ramar, Physician in Critical Care Medicine

“These are amazing – a powerful mix of aesthetics, real life and science.”

~ Dr. Uri Alon, Scientist in Systems Biology

“I love your expression of curiosity and discovery. Who knew you could learn neuroscience through poetry? It's inspiring and delightful.”

~ Dr. Raquell Holmes, Professor in Computational Science

“So neat!”

~ Dr. Malcolm Bell, Physician in Critical Care Cardiology

“This is fantastic!...Over 6,000 views already!”

~ Dr. Majken Wingo, Physician in Internal Medicine

“Poems were beautiful!”

~ Academic Practicing Physician and Scientist in Nephrology

“The poems are enjoyable and philosophically merge scientific learning with art.”

~ Physician in Neurologic Oncology

“Wow…very powerful and insightful.”

~ Dr. Chinenye Usoh, Physician in Endocrinology

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