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This supplement accompanies the Dr. Brown Cares Kindle eBook

"Life & Death: Hope & Dignity" COMING SOON on Amazon

Testimonials 2


~ Dietitian 

"Wow. That was really beautiful. Sorry for that family & hoping patient is in a better place now."

~ Physician In Nephrology

"And another great piece of work. You're going to need to publish a book soon!"

~ Physician in Endocrinology

"A very intense poem. I do feel present in the moment with you and the nurse. How are you doing with this?"

~ Computational Scientist And Communication Specialist

"Thank you for your kindness and compassionate care and for your beautiful narrative reflection/poem."

~ Physician in Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine

"Beautiful and deeply touching! Thank you for sharing"

~ Physician in Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine

"Very deep and profound!"

~ Physician in Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine

"Very profound and well written"

~ Physician in Electrophysiology 

"What a challenging encounter that was! That is the kind of medical practice that's so conscience-pricking... Am sorry how you feel. I know it must have been  hard for you to do. God sees your heart my dear. Stay strong!"

~ Physician in Ophthalmology

"Wow. I like it. You should [formally] put these all in a [big] medical poetry book. It’d be a best seller."

~ Physician in Cardiology 

"You can make anything poetic."

~ Unrelated Patient And Real Estate Agent

"Wow. Very strong read. So sad to actually watch a person pass...but sometimes also relieving to know that they no longer have to suffer in this world."

~ Physician Training In Internal Medicine

"Touching story. Thanks for sharing. Sadly have seen some very poorly coordinated end of life scenarios."

~ Physician Training In Cardiology

"Very powerful piece!"

~ Physician Training In Internal Medicine And Cardiology

"Sad & sweet all at the same speed!"

~ Hospital Chaplain

"Wow. Impressive piece."

~ Physician In Cardiology


~ Unrelated Patient & Customer Service Specialist

“This is great!”

~ Physician in Child Psychiatry

"Hard moment. Tough part of the job."

~ Physician In Rheumatology

"Wow. Beautifully written. I'm glad you were the one who was there with them."

~ Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology 

"It was well written. I like it."

~ Research Scientist And Physician In Cardiology

"Its beautifully written and profound."

~ Physician In Infectious Diseases

"Beautifully written. Praying for peace and recovery for your heart."

~ Social Worker

"Such an emotional thing to be a part of this time of a person’s life and I appreciate the thought that you put into it.  It will be a treasured note."

~ Occupational Therapist

"I've been there many times! Each one is a holy moment in my book and I pray and try to honor each one that touches my life. Praying for peace and rest for you!"

~ Nurse in Critical Care Medicine

"Praying for you, my experiences with death and family has been in the home environment. No doctors or nurses just a caregiver and family. Truly Holy but so glad I wasn't in your position to flip the switch.  God bless your time tonight."

~ Home Health Care Specialist

"Beautiful piece. You’re so good at everything you touch."

~ Physician Training In Neurology 

"I knew this would move me. I didn’t read it until now. Brought me to tears. You have a gift. With love and gratitude for everything you do..."

~ Physician In Internal Medicine

"Wow! So touching. I was almost in tears. It's powerful and beautiful, I love it!" ~ Physician in Ophthalmology

"You broke my heart with this one."

~ Unrelated Patient and Real Estate Agent

" “God had you” period - He not only had you for that exact time (for anything good must be done at the right time) but He had/has you in the sense [that] you belong to Him, so your present(ness) even in a wave could give this family home. Words or in this case ([an] action-wave) fitly spoken are like apples in settings of silver. This and many other reasons [are why] the ability to follow [or] hear the promptings of God is the sweetest consolation of the Christian. This ability to hear and follow is what Peter calls virtue and James more plainly with slight rhetorical flourishes enumerated in James 1:22....well let me [read the next] one and see what my response will be."

~ Hospital Chaplain

"Really nice, I want more of them. Thanks."

~ Physician in Ophthalmology

"I think this flows well and paints a pretty vivid picture"

~ Physician Training In Cardiology

"How beautiful. Love it!!!"

~ Physician Training In Neurology


~ Physician in Cardiology

“This is great!”

~ Physician in Child Psychiatry

"Wow, very impressive! Capturing what we normally go through very succinctly and beautifully in your poem."

~ Physician in Pulmonology & Critical Care Medicine

"Oh my word!! You are brilliant at this! Who writes like this? I was thinking as I read this poem, surely this will be a “ok” in comparison to said masterpiece but I knew this was going to surpass the earlier poem when you write, “not defeat but deflate”. It wasn’t that line but it was the contrast and the explanation of said line that made me think you are truly gifted at this stuff and then you completely “killed” it at the end with “strong” and “on”. 
Now I see why the Bible is so “inspiring”! “Holy men and modern day women wrote as the Holy Spirit came upon them”."

~ Hospital Chaplain

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