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This supplement accompanies the Dr. Brown Cares Kindle eBook

"D.R. B.R.A.V.E." COMING SOON on Amazon

Testimonials 3

"I love that poem! I am going to need to print it out and put it on a
notebook or something I look at often to inspire me to be those things!"

~ Internal Medicine Physician

"You should really compile all your poems into a book
that you will publish some day with a memoir!"

~ Biomedical Scientist

“Wow that’s really powerful.  I like the use of vivid imagery of the three nurse angles as a three pronged instrument for caring.” ~ Family Medicine Physician

"That's beautiful! What a great gift!"

~ Cardiology Nurse

"This is so beautiful. Your gift really helps people!"

~ Internal Medicine Physician

"I love that poem! That's awesome.

I want to quote that if I ever have a speech to give in the future."

~ Internal Medicine Physician

"The first two are dope. 
The third reminds me of Natalie Grant's new song -

'Give me the healer rather than the healing'. 
The fourth poem (Perception) reminded me of my favorite
seminary anthropology professor. 
The 5th poem (Who I Am) is beyond dope; it’s frighteningly BRAVE. Boom!

Tackling the taboo of total identity.

Yeah, gimme that PhD name tag.

When your patients see that, then they can hope for their
BEST HEALING, even if it’s only a hope in the end. 
The 6th poem (#BornToLead) is simple and natural.

It’s how leadership should be!

Not overwhelming, but out of the naturalness of BEING. 
The 7th poem (Destiny Arise), you better rise to the occasion. Amen. 
The 8th poem. Lord have mercy,
I hope somebody at their nadir will indeed talk to their nephrons: “not today”,

“I won’t die today”, “I won’t shoot myself”... Lord have mercy. 
The 8th poem (Anonymous). Awww ...

Anon will be grateful that someone understands

(at least medically or therapeutic-wise) .
The 9th poem (Nurse Angels). Awww, I have seen that one before :). 
Great job with DR BRAVE. The acrostic is wonderful. 
Hey, just continue to bless people,
and your usefulness will never know any despair."

~ Hospital Chaplain

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