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DR. BROWN CARES LLC connects companies and clients with the digital media services and tools you need. We also provide mentoring and concierge leadership and business development services for early career medical and scientific directors and physicians who want to move into independent or virtual care practices. We also have a number of “Doing Business As” or components of the company. Lyrical Mezzanine - offers the poetry, online gallery, creative artist community, and swag store. Locum Scientia - will offer primarily staffing to institutions and groups as well as individuals for publications and research related to science, medicine, and medical humanities. Locum Consule - will offer predominantly consultation for publications and research related to social media, medical humanities, science, and medicine. DR. BROWN CARES LLC is also known for inspiration, health, wellness, fitness, self-care, coaching, and speaking engagements.  

Our Clients

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