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You must be so proud of all of your accomplishments.


Dr. Brown would be honored to work with you and help you along the way.


A little bit of information about Dr. Brown is below.


You can get started with Dr. Brown right away with $500 (plus $20 transaction fee) for the first month, which will be focused on Dr. Brown helping you as a "Medical Director Consultant", to help you determine and get in place everything that you will need for client launch. That includes starting with determining the compliance and regulatory requirements for your needs in your state that will help you prepare for the best and safest client care. 


After making your consultation payment here, you will receive your Dr. Brown Cares Consultation Card. You will subsequently also receive an email with a "Medical Director Consultant" agreement to sign to get started.


After helping you get everything in place over a few to several weeks, we would then transition to signing a new agreement that would cover "Medical Director Services", to support you in client care going forward.


Feel free to read more about Dr. Brown below.




Nationwide, Dr. Brown cares for patients in different settings via telehealth daily, and she serves as a medical director, collaborating physician, supervising physician, and friendly PC owner for Wellness Centers and now also Day/MED SPAs. 


As an internal medicine and cardiology specialist licensed in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.,  Dr. Brown also helps with a range of medical conditions and queries regarding wellness and preserving cardiovascular health, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, overweight/obesity (including prescribing GLP-1 agonists), and addressing questions about ECG, pre-operative evaluations, and so on.


Dr. Brown is additionally an expert in research as a clinician/physician (research) investigator.  


Dr. Brown Cares Consultation

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